The Voice of Service

People usually come up with many excuses as to why they cannot be a part of any organizations that help others. That’s just okay. That is your choice anyway. It is your right to decide what you can do in your free time and we won’t argue with you about that. But there are also people who really want to help but doesn’t have the time to do so. Believe us, people are reaching out for us due to this matter and of course, we’d like to help. We are happy to inform you that it is not really mandatory for you to volunteer or to be a part of our organization just to do so. You don’t even need to start big and you can always start in your community.


There are many ways to help. The act of kindness doesn’t always need to even be about money. After all, like what they say, it is the thought that counts. Have you recently opened your cupboards? Maybe you can find there canned goods and other stocks that you are sure you are not anymore going to consume. People always commit the mistake of overbuying when they are in the supermarkets. They choose to be baited by good branding, packaging materials, and even the marketing strategies. So, they buy products they do not really need and keep it as their stocks until it is left forgotten and just get expired after a long while. This stocks that you just wasted, this can still be utilized by many people around you especially those less fortunate ones. Make it a habit to monitor them by checking out your cupboards and pantry at least once a week. Share them to those people around you and even to shelters near you. Aside from food products, you can share with them your old clothes too and other supplies.


If you have any spare time, you can volunteer too. Contrary to what many people believe, by volunteering, it doesn’t mean that you are going to be part of the outreach. It doesn’t even need for you to be at the shelter, foundation, or organization you are helping regularly. You can volunteer by cooking the needed food at your home whenever you have the time. You can also help the organizations by calling for volunteers or additional support in cash and in-kind if you cannot bring it in yourself. What is important is that there is a continuous flow of action that strives to promote the advocacy of the organization you want to assist. This is most especially during the time when they need it the most.  What is important is the continuity, the initiative to help, and the combined action from the people.


Always remember that we need people like you – people who care like a high power resistor. When this fails, the organization would also fail and there are more people who will suffer. For any kind of organization, what matters is that you take the initiative to help. Call us now for more inquiries.

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community volunteers

Our Mission is to Serve

There is nothing more fulfilling than being able to serve people no matter their status in life. Isn’t it great when you feel that you can make a change and a difference in their lives? It’s great right especially when you see their face light up every time you are able to help them in some manner.

Here at Mission Serve, we believe in the saying that we should all be the change we want to see in the world. This is why we always strive to create projects and programs that can make an impact in the community no matter how small it is. Among the projects that we always host are Community Clean-Up project and Nutritional Programs for the elderly and the kid. This is participated by hundreds of people from different parts of the United States.

Nowadays, if we are not going to move and work together, we won’t get anywhere. In fact, we’ll just remain wherever you are at an impasse. There should be a leader that can initiate an action so that others will follow. In this organization, we do just that. We always think of projects that can help better the lives of the people. We assist them in whatever it is they need and recognize the challenges they are facing every day. Throughout sponsors and those people who are concerned, we are able to help them. As a consequence, we also manage to be a far better community where everyone can live in.

Community advocacy

Our sponsors are not the only one who help us. Of course, there are also our volunteers who never get tired of allotting some of their time to give service to the people around them. They religiously attend seminars that help them in helping us with our advocacy. They are the ones who keep this organization running. Without our volunteers who drive out of the comfort of their garage door in Milwaukee every day, we won’t be as successful in attaining our goals here in this organization. There won’t be a course of action and our community would still be crying for assistance every single day.

Here is our organization, we do not simply want our recipients to feel happy by the help they get. We also want our volunteers and members to feel fulfilled themselves. We want them to feel proud when they answer the question, “Do you serve your neighbors?” This is because we know that there is the satisfaction that can be reaped when your efforts are appreciated. So we do that here.

At Mission Serve, we also recognized people who are heroes, and we do not simply mean those veterans who have sacrificed for their countries although they are included. What we mean are those who do similar work for their countrymen and serve as role models in what they do. Whether it is our own volunteers or those civilians who render services on a day to day basis, we give importance to you here. We give you awards every once a year which is one of our programs people are very excited about every single time.

Do you wish to volunteer with us? Check out our Contact Us page to know how.

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