community advocacy volunteers

We are an organization that initiates action from the people. We live in knowing that if we are not going to move now, no one will. That is why we jumpstart a movement that will encourage people to start a course of action that not only would help less fortunate people around them but the whole community as well.

We started back in 2003 and since then we have already managed to help a lot of people with our advocacy. We have already grown leaps and bounds since then and still growing with the help of our members and volunteers. Now, we do not simply focus on one municipality but we already managed to extend our reach to other neighboring towns and cities and even states. Our regular projects here include cleaning up the community once every quarter and the feeding programs we hold every end of the month which help mostly elderly and children get the right nutrition they need. We also annually honor our community heroes through a ceremony annually to encourage other members of our community to do good to their neighbors. This does not involve only the member of our organizations but also those people who are known to constantly make a change with or without a price. Aside from recognizing civilians, we also give honor and respect to the members of the military that showed exceptional prowess in fighting for their country.

Here in this organization, we never overlook the need to encourage the general public to join us in our advocacy. In fact, we are very proactive in encouraging them to be a part of us. So far, we have been successful because we reached even more than we are hoping for when it comes to the volunteers and members of this organization. Don’t miss out on our updates. Sign up for our newsletter today.