Having a non-functional or jammed garage door can be frustrating. It may make you feel very hopeless and disappointing. Several homeowners may find themselves in this worst situation during the winter season. Instead of getting disappointed, use your abilities to perform some troubleshooting tips to resolve the problems.

First, spend a few minutes inspecting the garage door to determine whether its safety features are functioning or not. Sometimes the safety devices of the garage door will stop it from working. If the garage door does not work, some troubleshooting techniques will help you. But it is always advised that hire a reputed and certified garage door company to deal with any type of problem. The Cincinnati, Ohio’s best garage door repair company offers 24/7 services at very affordable cost at your doorstep. Anyhow, following troubleshooting tips will help you to operate your garage door before calling a professional.

  • Normally, most garage doors are created with some security features like, automatic lock modes and safety sensors. If the garage door is set to these modes, it will not work with the remote control. In this situation, you will have to unlock the garage door manually and make a new setting from inside the garage.
  • Check the batteries of remote control to evaluate whether they are fully charged or not. If your garage door is installed with rechargeable batteries then definitely it could be the main cause of the problem. You will have to replace the batteries immediately. Power on the remote and operate the garage door, if you do it successfully inside the garage, then the batteries of a remote control is to blame.
  • Check the position of cables and power supply. Sometime a cable might be broken or power supply might be switched off. In these situations, hire a trained garage door technician to fix the problem. 
  • Look inside the garage to find out anything hanging objects in the way of the garage door. If you have up and over garage door then any obstruction at the ground could stop it from closing. There may be something that holding the springs from generating the force, then the garage door will not work also.

Trust the expert garage door technician

As you know, the garage door mechanism works on springs and pulleys to run. So it is difficult to determine what is going wrong with the garage door. DIY techniques can use to fix some minor problems but the major replacement should be handled by a professional. Garage doors are bulky and heavy devices and if they fall on you, you may get injured badly. It is really wise to let it to the professional, even if you are an experienced mechanical person.