free advocacy


“I was a volunteer for this organization before I moved to Kenya. All I can say is that I had a splendid time spending all my free time in this organization. The people are really kind and the programs they have would really make you feel fulfilled. I participated in their nutrition program several times while I was a volunteer and honestly, I cannot ask for a better project. Interacting with kids was not usually my cup of tea but I really had fun during their event. What more is that they also managed to make me feel like I have a purpose and that was really a good thing.”


“This organization restored my faith in humankind. The people who volunteer here are amazing and they are very approachable. It was my first time joining such an organization and I do not regret it. They taught me so many things especially when it comes to caregiving. It was life-changing for me seeing kids and families smile as we give them our assistance and gifts. Not once did I regret my choice of volunteering for them. I was taking a break right now to focus on my new family as I am newly married. But I am really looking to that day where everything will be stable again so that I can go back to volunteering even if it is just once in a while. When I already have my kids, I would have them volunteer here too so they can feel the same fulfillment I felt.”


“I like the advocacy of this organization. They are very good at what they do without looking like they are preachy. I wish I have the time to volunteer after reading about the experience of people here. It is one of my goals to be a part of an organization and I wish this organization would be it for me.”